Aislinn Conway

Investigator, CHEO Research Institute

Dr. Aislinn Conway is a CIHR Institute of Health Services and Policy Research (CIHR-IHSPR), Health Systems Impact Fellow (HSIF) undertaking a postdoctoral project at BORN (Better Outcomes Registry and Network) Ontario. Her supervisors are Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw and Dr. Mark Walker, and she is mentored by Dr. Sandra Dunn.

Aislinn began working in the field of knowledge translation (KT) in 2010 when implementing Evidence inPractice Groups with health care providers (HCPs) in the women and children’s division of an NHShospital in the UK. She subsequently went on to undertake a PhD for which she designed andimplemented a multi-component strategy aimed at, and in collaboration with HCPs to disseminateevidence and promote evidence-informed practice at an urban hospital. This work contributed tochanges in both clinical practice and guidelines. She is currently working on a formative evaluation toidentify obstetrical safety indicators for preventing hospital harms for low risk births which could informthe development of an obstetrical safety dashboard for the province of Ontario.

She is looking forward to continue work in the field of knowledge translation and is interested inopportunities that have the potential to improve patient care by impacting clinical practice, policy-making, and patient and public involvement in health systems.

Research Projects

  1. Obstetrical safety indicators for preventing hospital harms in low risk births


    This question is: According to the available literature, what are the obstetrical safety indicators related to processes of care for low risk births that aim to reduce preventable hospital harms?