Linda Lefebvre

My CHEO Story

I’ve had a lot of experience at CHEO, first as a patient myself for 10 days as a young teenager, a couple of trips to emergency with our older son, and it became almost a second home for us at times with our youngest son over the past twenty years. Also, our oldest grandchild spent a week there at 6 months of age. We’ve often mentioned how very lucky we are to have CHEO in Ottawa.

Why I'm involved

Since CHEO has been such a huge part of our lives for the last twenty years, I am happy to have the opportunity to give back. Having a child in the hospital is difficult, if it’s just a trip to emergency, or with a very medically complicated child so I think it’s important to get options and experiences from families that have gone through it. We’ve met so many great CHEO families through Make A Wish & I feel this may be another way to help them a little more.

My Role

Provided feedback on Patient Oriented Child Health Curriculum-Usability Testing