Iryna Coulter

My CHEO Story

I became a regular patient at CHEO at the age of 12 although my involvement started at the age of 15 after being diagnosed with a chronic illness. CHEO has been like a family to me and my family especially in the last 3 years of care before I transitioned to adult care. I was a member of Youth Forum from 2015-2019.  I am now on CHEO’s Family Advisory Council. My goal is to provide input on ongoing and upcoming projects from a youth perspective.

Why I'm involved

I want to get involved because I want to contribute to making CHEO an even better place of care than it already is. Additionally, I have experience in many different clinics as a result of my health issues and I feel that I will be to contribute and provide input in many areas.

My Role

Attended Pain Management Seminar at Parliament