Heather Carson

My CHEO Story

My son Felix was diagnosed with type one diabetes in Feb 2019, a month before he turned 3. We came to the ER after our family doctor advised his blood sugar was critically high and there were ketones in his urine. From the time of diagnosis, to present, the the team of doctors, nurses, social workers, dieticians and diabetes educators in the diabetes clinic have supported us. Through CHEO, we have learned the skills necessary to manage Felix’s chronic illness. The team has helped us to access resources and support in the community and has been available to address questions and concerns as they have arisen. We are comforted in the knowledge that the CHEO team will be available to us as needed until Felix is 18.

Why I'm involved

As a family supported by CHEO I want to give back and lend my voice and experience in anyway that is helpful. I am also a Social Worker in the public school board and often liase with CHEO mental health services and with families receiving services and feel I would like to contribute what I can from these experiences.

Areas of Interest


My Role