Emilio Alarcon

My CHEO Story

My son Alonso is a Cancer survivor who also happens to have Down Syndrome. Alonso started chemo at the early age of 18 months while receiving chemotherapy my wife (Madleen Z. Alarcon) and I were supported by friends and many unknown individuals (our extended family does not live in Canada), CHEO became our second home, one no one really chooses but we learnt to make the best out of those days. Almost 5 years ago we were told chemo did not work as expected and we just had to wait and see. We live, taking it a day at a time, making memories and parenting our Alonso.

Why I'm involved

Providing feedback to healthcare practitioners, researchers, and staff members at CHEO from someone who has seen the healthcare & research system from both sides (as a Professional and Patient) is instrumental in filling the numerous gaps in our healthcare system.

Areas of Interest


My Role

Research Project Reviewer: Mental Health