Dasa Farthing

My CHEO Story

In a very unfortunate accident at the hockey arena, my 12-year-old son lost part of his finger, which led us to navigate the department of the plastic surgery, surgery, and many follow-up appointments before his full recovery. As a concerned parent of an injured child, I have attended every appointment and interacted with all professionals involved in our care. We had both very positive experiences and received compassionate, understanding and friendly care, but also experienced very challenging interactions that made the experience of a traumatic event scarier.

Why I'm involved

CHEO is doing very inspiring work, and the fact they are involving clients/patients on co-design in research projects is a remarkable step in the right direction. I want to be part of something remarkable.

My Role

  • Recognition/Compensation Working Group Committee Member
  • Research Project Reviewer: (HEalthy Lifestyles Project) for Youth with Mental Distress